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2024 Community Fairs
Ferias Comunitarias de 2024

2023 Community Fairs
Ferias Comunitarias de 2023

2023 August 'Back to School' Event
2023 'Regreso a la Escuela' Evento

We are grateful for our partnerships and collaborations that work with us towards building and empowering our local communities. This month we gifted 200 children with backpacks for our “Back to School” community health and wellness fair. Dvine Konektion Community Development Corporation along with the collaboration of AT&T and Computers4people also distributed laptops to 95 children. What a joy it was to see the children’s faces and grateful parents. It was absolutely priceless! 

Estamos agradecidos por nuestras asociaciones y colaboraciones que trabajan con nosotros para construir y empoderar a nuestras comunidades locales. Este mes regalamos mochilas a 200 niños para nuestra feria comunitaria de salud y bienestar "Regreso a la Escuela". También, Dvine Konektion Community Development Corporation, junto con la colaboración de AT&T y Computers4people distribuyó ordenadores portátiles a 95 niños. Qué alegría fue ver las caras de los niños y a los padres agradecidos; ¡absolutamente invaluable! 

2022 Community Fairs
Ferias Comunitarias de 2022

Community Fairs
Ferias Comunitarias

2021 Back to School
Community Health & Wellness Fairs 

December 2020 Christmas 
Community Health & Wellness Fair 

November 2020 Thanksgiving

Community Health & Wellness Fair 

Dvine Konektion with Hudson Partnership CMO 

Thank you Hudson Partnership CMO for your generous donation of toys and products for our Special Needs Family Program. Our CEO of Dvine Konektion Pastor Tania Fuentes was also recognized for the years of community service programming. A big thank you to Steven Campos and Robyn Gorman.

September 2020 Community Fair 

Summer 2020 Farmer's Market

a big thank you to The Common Market !

Dvine Konektion

Covid 19 Food Pantry

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